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Mon$y Ball: Judge denies mistrial in Derrick Rose rape lawsuit


A California judge recently denied NBA on the rebound champion, Derrick Rose and his legal team’s motion for a mistrial in the $21mm sexual assault civil trial for an incident that took place in 2013. The former Chicago Bull and current New York Knick, along with 2 male companions, is alleged to have forced themselves on a female acquaintance that Mr. Rose had a 2-year long “relationship” with.  No surprise here for those of us that know how the legal system works for wealthy black men here in the U.S. Afterall, why would Derrick’s attorney really want a mistrial ? Work yourself out of a job and have the case dismissed? Miss out billing out another $750 per hour (side note: it worries me further that the firm representing Derrick Rose has a cringe worthy AOL era web-site. Expect an upgrade after they cash those NBA checks) Shiddddd?

Let’s do the math here. I’m sure the Chicago-bred point guard will end up paying out on the low side $750,000 – $1.5 million in legal fees and court costs. OK, the thotter for legal purposes known as, Jane Doe, couldn’t have been making more than $50K a year judging from her double roommate situation and her Uber everywhere status. Rose could have easily offered her say, $350K and set his ceiling at $500k. Forget Doe’s text messages that have been the center of the trial, I’d like to see his attorney’s iPhone for a hot sec. I bet Counsel has been poppin’ a few tags on Rodeo these past few months. Who is advising who? Derrick naively admitted that he was letting his team “handle things” and that this is his “first time dealing with the legal system”…smh. That’s a recipe for getting taken advantage of. That’s like the New York Knick backup PG Brandon Jennings trying to guard Derrick at any point of their career’s.

That’s like the New York Knick backup PG Brandon Jennings trying to guard Derrick at any point of their career’s.

"Rose Before Hoes"

Point #2 Derrick is in the 4th year of a 13 year steal  $185 million deal with Adidas, which he signed just after his historic 2011 MVP season. Derrick has to understand that with $126mm remaining, the possibility of sordid details coming out that might not profess guilt, but may further damage his image is a risky proposition.  What you don’t want to do is give Adidas the out to exercise the morality clause, that is fairly standard in celebrity endorsement deals. It’s a real possibility that he could get dropped if this gets any more Bang Bros athlete edition. Forbes cited the deal as a disaster in this way, “as it stands- Adidas sold $25 million worth of Rose sneakers in 2012 and $40 million in 2013 and $32 million in 2015.  According to SportsOneSource Nike’s top guys moved $300 million (LeBron James) and $175 million (Kevin Durant) of product in 2013″.  In general, morals clauses say something to the effect of the athlete must “act at all times with due regard to public morals and conventions” and that the endorsed company can exit the deal if the player commits “an offense involving moral turpitude under federal, state or local laws or which brings the athlete or company into public disrepute, contempt, scandal or ridicule, or which insults or offends the community.” Under testimony, the alleged victim “Jane Doe” copped to delivering weed to Derrick and his crew, the lude text messages are enough to make a Madison street pimp chuckle and his schtick about “we men” is just head slapping. If the text messages of Derrick wanting to “get his puss&” and group sex his jump off aren’t enough to make him want to settle so his mother doesn’t next discover where his stash of Playboy mags are hidden , I wonder what will. Does Doe Thot have the ability to pull out a game over move like when LeBron locked #1 up in the 2011 ECF?


With that much $$ on the line and lawyer fees that will add up to at least an LA condo, a Mercedes ML 350 and enough “red bottoms” and Sephora to keep a girl in rotation at the spots where the player’s play. Why wouldn’t he settle instead of rolling the dice? That’s enough change to give the young lady a wake-up call worth answering this time. They say pride come before the fall. While rape is nothing to make light of, you and I both know how this game is played. There are 10,000 IG models looking for the same type of come up. There are 350 athletes with thirsty entourages and 20,000 5 man crews  prowling Instagram and SnapChat to see who they can put on the chopping block as we speak. When Twodel thirst and guy thirst combine bad sh&* happens. Hopefully, this is a learning lesson for all parties involved and they start acting their ages (26 for Derrick and 30 for Doe) and stop acting like life is a rap video or a Drake song. It goes down in more than just the DM’s. Playing these games and getting the law and media involved will get you on that Summer Jam screen quick. And while Doe probably wanted to catch a come up, she probably didn’t want it this way. Win or lose she will be known as the chick that Derrick and his homies put on the house. Derrick and his homies were probably just looking to add to their bro exploits, another tale to tell while watching LeBron and Step in the NBA finals for the next few years. Looks like a love TKO or at least a 2 piece.

Much like this last act of Derrick’s NBA career, his ability to think things through  will determine whether he can repair his reputation on and off the court. This is the Wu-tang art of chess boxing and not MMA fighting. Smarten up Nas.

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